Writey Drawey is a free web game you play with your friends over video chat. To start, each player must add their name and write a secret phrase. When the host is ready, they’ll start the game.

Step 1

Each player comes up with a word or phrase and writes it down. “Lollipop”, “Roger Federer”, or “Aladin”. Anything goes.

Step 2

The phrases are shuffled among all players, then everyone attempts to draw the phrase they’ve received.

Step 3

The drawings are rotated around the group with each player describing the image with a new phrase. The cycle repeats until the game is up and everyone’s submissions are revealed

New in version 2.0:


View every image ever created on Writey Drawey sorted in random order. Changes daily at midnight. Disclaimer: we are not accountable for what you may see there.

Public Games

Join a game with a public waiting room. Please note: it’s still in beta so it could have bugs, and the open format means it could attract non-commital players. Play at your own risk, but have fun!️